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These blogs offer inspiration and guidance for a life of resilience, calm, equanimity and connecting with whatever is happening now.

O w n e r l e s s - M i n d

Refuting the mystical, metaphysical concept of the existence of...

Latest Post: September 27, 2020
Shri Nanakiji

Post Preview:
  Nanaka and Nanaki, digital edit, by Jeronimus, of Indian calendar art Shri Nanakiji (Bibi Nanaki ji) was the older sister of Shri Guru Nanakaji, the founder of the Sikh religion. She recognised her brother's holiness, from his infancy, and became a protective mother figure to him. She encouraged...
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Towards more balance, less stress, better living, greater health

Latest Post: September 27, 2020
Sunday Quote: The only way

Post Preview:
Happiness and the cause of happiness can arise only through loving-kindness and insight into the nature of things. There is no other way. Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche
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Latest Post: September 26, 2020
Time Management for Top Performers

Post Preview:
By Leo Babauta In my coaching practice and Fearless Mastery mastermind group, I work with some high performers. These are people who have excelled at something in their lives. They’re always looking to take themselves to the next level. And they’re always wanting to make the most of their time....
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simple mindfulness: simple steps to a happier life

Discover how mindfulness can increase happiness in your life.

Latest Post: September 25, 2020
Mindfulness for Students

Post Preview:
News about the negative impacts of social media and our current lifestyles on kids of all ages is appalling (see the top of the infographic below).  Levels of anxiety, depression, and suicide among young people have risen astronomically. While therapy may be what’s needed for some, many can...
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Taking time for what matters.

Latest Post: September 25, 2020
Investigating Your Emotions Without Suppressing Them

Post Preview:
Founding editor Barry Boyce answers our questions about emotional intelligence, being kind to ourselves, and turning toward our emotions. The post Investigating Your Emotions Without Suppressing Them appeared first on Mindful .
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Mindfulness Quotes & Thoughts

May you seek, discover and embody, the profound peace, kindness and...

Latest Post: September 24, 2020
Meditation - Why Specifically?

Post Preview:
       In the previous post, I used phrases like "true nature," "lack," and " profoundly satisfying quality of life." We could have a long, interesting conversation about any one of these. Some friends tell me that they find such concepts baffling, and feel uncomfortable talking about them. Other...
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