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Mindfulness & Meditation Blogs

These blogs offer inspiration and guidance for a life of resilience, calm, equanimity and connecting with whatever is happening now.


Towards more balance, less stress, better living, greater health

Latest Post: February 28, 2020
A Universe behind

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If you pass through a period of darkness or depression, just ask, ‘Who is aware of the darkness?’ That’s how you pass through the different stages of your inner growth. You just keep letting go, and remain aware that you are still there. When you’ve let go of the dark psyche, and you’ve let go […]
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Taking time for what matters.

Latest Post: February 27, 2020
How Mindfulness Helps You Cope with Stress

Post Preview:
A new study finds that being mindful can affect not only how you feel about the stressors of your life, but how you actively cope with them. The post How Mindfulness Helps You Cope with Stress appeared first on Mindful .
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Mindfulness Quotes & Thoughts

May you seek, discover and embody, the profound peace, kindness and...

Latest Post: February 23, 2020
Maturing Beyond "Ordinary Happiness"

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     Many people deeply believe that the universe is unfriendly, and that "ordinary unhappiness" is the most they can hope for. A pervasive subconscious sense of "lack" haunts many of us.          David R. Loy. “Lack & Transcendence. The Problem of Death and Life in Psychotherapy, Existentialism,...
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Latest Post: February 20, 2020
Master Your Relationship to Time

Post Preview:
By Leo Babauta The truth is, most of us have a pretty adversarial relationship to time. There’s never enough. We’re always behind. It goes by too fast. We can’t do important things because we don’t have enough time. None of it is helpful. Most of it is bullshit. Let’s take the first one: there’s...
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Wildmind Buddhist Meditation

Latest Post: February 20, 2020
Lovingkindness: the missing link

Post Preview:
Someone wrote the other day saying that she’d had a hard time forgiving a colleague at work who had reflexly shot down her very excellent ideas. Apparently this colleague does this a lot. It’s just a habit with her. My correspondent found her colleague’s actions very hurtful. She struggled with...
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Yoga & Pilates World

Latest Post: February 18, 2020
VOEONS High Waisted Yoga Pants

Post Preview:
These yoga pants from VOEONS feature a new design for 2020 which aims to allow todays modern women to excel at every role. No matter whether you’re working out or completing daily tasks, these leggings have you covered from gym, street, all the way to lounging. Feel unburdened, enjoy comfort and...
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