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Tarot, astrology, numerology, palmistry, and other divination practices are explored in these blogs.

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Hundreds of free numerology readings are delivered every day to...

Latest Post: July 21, 2018
Correct Spelling for Baby Name

Post Preview:
Question: My Daughter was born on [birth date removed]. Can you please help me to know which is a correct spelling of her name as per numerology: a.Sameeksha b.Samiksha Answer: Click title or see [click title of post]
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The Tarot Lady

Latest Post: July 21, 2018
The Hit List – Brushes and Cards 2018

Post Preview:
Two weekends ago, Chris Zydel and I hosted our second Brushes and Cards workshop, a day-long painting and tarot mashup. It was fun, insightful, and a fab way to connect to the cards. Plus: a day with Chris Zydel is my idea of time well spent! Here are some pics from our epic shindig! We’re […] The...
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Affinity Numerology

Free numerology readings, articles, and numerology profiles.

Latest Post: July 21, 2018
Color Name Number Calculator

Post Preview:
Color names have numbers, just as people names and flower names and all other names have numbers. The numerology tool further below calculates the number for one or more color names. There are various reasons for knowing the number of a color name. A color may be checked to see if its number...
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The Oxford Astrologer

Culture, society, astrology from mythopia

Latest Post: July 20, 2018
Podcast: Your Month Ahead July 22 to August 22

Post Preview:
We recorded this one just outside Royal Windsor, after having cake at Madame Posh Tea Room — appropriately blingtastic for that most regal sign, Leo. Enjoy! And don’t forget that you can sign up to receive the in depth written horoscopes, here. The post Podcast: Your Month Ahead July 22 to August...
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Daily Tarot Girl

Your Spiritual Guidance Diva!

Latest Post: July 15, 2018
Tarot Reading for July 16 – 22

Post Preview:
I felt drawn to use my Dream Enchantress Tarot deck for this week’s reading….I hope you enjoy it! Have a great week and as always, I invite you to share your own observations and interpretations on these cards
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