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Tarot, astrology, numerology, palmistry, and other divination practices are explored in these blogs.

Free Numerology Readings
and Numerology Answers

Hundreds of free numerology readings are delivered every day to...

Latest Post: February 25, 2017
When 7 Personal Year Cycle Ends

Post Preview:
Question: When will 7 personal year cycle end? It started in January 2007. Answer: Click title or see [click title of post]
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The Tarot Lady

Latest Post: February 25, 2017
The Hit List – New (Mexico) Perspectives

Post Preview:
I’m the first to admit that I’m a stubborn woman. Once my mind is made up, it’s a done deal. Which means: if you want to get me to change my mind, get ready to tussle. You’re going to be have to might convincing. For example, my travel rules are set. Nowhere hot. Nowhere rural. […] The post The...
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The Astrology Blog

Astrology based advice, articles and community

Latest Post: February 25, 2017
Astro-Twins: Can A Couple With The Same Birthdate Last?

Post Preview:
Hi, Elsa. I’m experiencing the lack of challenge and growth in my one and one half year long relationship with my boyfriend. We have the same birthdate. Late November. Same year. We are both difficult, stubborn, angry bitches and hard … Read More...
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Daily Tarot Girl

Your Spiritual Guidance Diva!

Latest Post: February 24, 2017
Consumption vs Creativity

Post Preview:
Veronica is my Tarot reading twin. She’s just like me except she’s bad, slutty and has way more fun! When she’s in between spa appointments and sex cruises, she’s kind enough to devote her spare time to writing these Friday … Continue reading →
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Affinity Numerology

Free numerology readings, articles, and numerology profiles.

Latest Post: February 22, 2017
Life Challenges Overlapped Calculator

Post Preview:
One of the two ways life challenge numbers and timing can be calculated is the Life Challenge Predictions Delineated method . Each challenge is delineated within a certain period of the person's life. The second way is what the numerology tool further below will calculate for you. It is the Life...
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Mark Seltman's Real Palmistry Blog

Hold Up Your Hands

Latest Post: February 21, 2017
Pisces and Hands

Post Preview:
You don’t need a Pisces Sun or Pisces planetary relationships or placements in your natal horoscope to be Piscean. Pure types have dominant top phalanges on long narrow fingers, smooth joints, conical tips, and loop prints, especially on index fingers. All … Continue reading → The post Pisces and...
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The Oxford Astrologer

Culture, society, astrology from mythopia

Latest Post: February 21, 2017
Astrology of Now: Fireworks!

Post Preview:
Fiery energy is gathering around the coming eclipse on February 26. We are in an unusually unstable period. The times are angry enough and polarised enough already. Know that the planets are stirring the pot this week and next, adding a huge dollop of chilli to the cosmic soup. Be cautious,...
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