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Tarot, astrology, numerology, palmistry, and other divination practices are explored in these blogs.

Daily Tarot Girl

Your Spiritual Guidance Diva!

Latest Post: August 21, 2019
Unboxing the Magick and Mediums Oracle

Post Preview:
The Magick and Mediums Oracle by Anielle Reid is modern, mystical and powerful! Join me as I go through this deck and explore the cards… This deck is ideal for meditation and using in any kind of magickal practice. Personally, … Continue reading →
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The Oxford Astrologer

Culture, society, astrology from mythopia

Latest Post: August 21, 2019
Hong Kong

Post Preview:
Hong Kong vibrates with people power: people working, thinking, talking, praying, eating, walking, haggling, hawking, kissing, cooking, spitting, stealing, fighting, laughing, buying and selling. Standing on the Star Ferry coming into Central earlier this year, I swear I could feel the straight...
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Affinity Numerology

Free numerology readings, articles, and numerology profiles.

Latest Post: August 21, 2019
Numerology Life Periods Calculator

Post Preview:
There are three life period cycles. The first cycle lasts until age 27-35. The second cycle last for 27 years. And the third is present for the balance of the person's lifetime. The life period cycles article has information about the cycles and their effects. This page has a calculator you can...
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Free Numerology Readings
and Numerology Answers

Hundreds of free numerology readings are delivered every day to...

Latest Post: August 21, 2019
Where Will I Be in 1 Year?

Post Preview:
Question: Where will I be in 1 year time? Answer: Click title or see [click title of post]
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The Tarot Lady

Latest Post: August 21, 2019
Talking Shop: Hitting the Road – Book Tours

Post Preview:
You’ve released a book – congrats! The next step: marketing the heck out of it.  One way to do that is a book tour. A book tour allows you to connect directly with your audience. But they can be challenging, especially if you are a new author. Where do you start? How much help can […] The post...
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Mark Seltman's Real Palmistry Blog

Hold Up Your Hands

Latest Post: August 12, 2019

Post Preview:
You don’t need a Leo sun, moon, ascendant, planets, aspects, or houses to be a Leo. Anyone with Leo hands behaves like a Leo. Fire (intuitive) and air signs (thinking) are masculine in gender. Earth signs (practical) and water signs (feeling) … Continue reading → The post LEO & HANDS appeared...
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