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Tarot, astrology, numerology, palmistry, and other divination practices are explored in these blogs.

Free Numerology Readings
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Hundreds of free numerology readings are delivered every day to...

Latest Post: May 21, 2018
Keep on Seeing 4:20 on the Clock

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Question: I keep on seeing 4:20 on the clock and it happens almost on daily basis. I am confused, what does it might mean? It's been happening for last 2-3 years. Answer: Click title or see [click title of post]
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The Tarot Lady

Latest Post: May 21, 2018
Charmed I’m sure: The Charming Dead Oracles

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A few weeks ago, I was at the annual Readers Studio tarot conference. It’s the biggest tarot shindig – and the one event I NEVER miss. There are many reasons to go: I learn new things, hang out with my tarot family, and get to check out the vendor booths. Every year, I come home […] The post...
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Daily Tarot Girl

Your Spiritual Guidance Diva!

Latest Post: May 20, 2018
Tarot Reading for May 21 – 27

Post Preview:
I guess I was in the mood for girliness and fine details today because I chose to use my Paulina Tarot for this reading! Have a good week 🙂 xoxo Kate
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The Oxford Astrologer

Culture, society, astrology from mythopia

Latest Post: May 15, 2018
What Astrologers Are Saying About Uranus in Taurus

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Surely, this is one of the most exciting changes in the firmament that we have seen in years. Today, May 15, Uranus, the planet of change, moves into Taurus, the sign of stasis, where he has not been since 1942. Think of this planet and this sign as two constellations of ideas that are about to...
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Affinity Numerology

Free numerology readings, articles, and numerology profiles.

Latest Post: May 14, 2018
Number 193 Meaning

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Basics of growth and future. The numerology energy represented by the number 193 is focused on the basics of growing and securing the future. It also tends to be self-reliant. It has humanitarian characteristics. And tends to approach things creatively. Like a plant that roots, grows, and produces...
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