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Tarot, astrology, numerology, palmistry, and other divination practices are explored in these blogs.

Mark Seltman's Real Palmistry Blog

Hold Up Your Hands

Latest Post: February 28, 2020

Post Preview:
No need to have a Pisces sun, moon, planets, planetary aspects, or house placements to have Pisces hands. Feeling types have long lean rectangular palms and long fingers. Pisces often have dominant first phalanges on long slender fingers, smooth joints, conical tips, … Continue reading → The post...
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Free Numerology Readings
and Numerology Answers

Hundreds of free numerology readings are delivered every day to...

Latest Post: February 28, 2020
Harmonious Name With Both Pythagorean and Chaldean...

Post Preview:
Question: How do I match my name number using both Chaldean and Pythagoras systems in order to be harmonious in both systems? My full name at birth=[name removed] My Current name=[name removed] mostly used and sometimes [name removed]. My DOB=[date removed] Answer: Click title or see [click title...
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Astrology Explored

An Astrology Media Press Blog

Latest Post: February 27, 2020
The #Zodiac: The #WSJ Prints #FakeNews

Post Preview:
Just when you think that us astrologers have knocked back the ridiculous assertions of Professor Park Kunkle that the zodiac changed and you aren’t your zodiac sign anymore, we get, from the Wall Street Journal’s Jo Craven Mc Ginty the … Continue reading →
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Affinity Numerology

Free numerology readings, articles, and numerology profiles.

Latest Post: February 26, 2020
How Numerology Affects Your Life

Post Preview:
Numerology affects your life by influence. Not by decree. The influence is a persistent but gentle nudge. You have free will and can choose to ignore it. There is no predetermination. The nudge really is persistent. And it really is gentle. Most people tend to go along with the energy, at least...
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The Tarot Lady

Latest Post: February 26, 2020
Talking Shop: Missed Connections + Miscommunications:...

Post Preview:
Most folks have heard about the dreaded Mercury retrograde – those three times a year when the cosmos seems to be in full-on trickster mode. Computers crash, travel comes to a grinding halt, and no one seems to listen. For entrepreneurs, this can also mark a period of business slowdowns, snafus,...
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Daily Tarot Girl

Your Spiritual Guidance Diva!

Latest Post: February 25, 2020
Unboxing the Spacious Tarot!

Post Preview:
The older and more irritable I get, the more I have come to appreciate decks that have a simple art style – you know, something that leaves you lots of room to breathe and contemplate. The Spacious Tarot excels at … Continue reading →
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The Oxford Astrologer

Culture, society, astrology from mythopia

Latest Post: February 22, 2020
The Dark Goddess in Aries, 2020

Post Preview:
The Dark Goddess will be in the warlike sign of Aries for much of 2020, where she’s likely to find herself engaged in quite a few battles. The post The Dark Goddess in Aries, 2020 appeared first on The Oxford Astrologer .
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