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From scrapbooking to decorating to sewing to weaving – from kids to adults – if it's crafts, you'll find recent related blog posts here.

Make and Takes

Craft Ideas, Kids Crafts, Recipes and More

Latest Post: February 22, 2019
9 NOW Ideas: “Washi-Tape Wizard” Craft Ideas

Post Preview:
Do you know what your Crafting Superhero Name is? Mine is — Sparkly Washi-Tape Wizard!! And I’m so so so proud of it, haha! We showcased this fun and silly chart on facebook and it went viral! People loved looking to see what their Crafting Superhero Name was. What’s yours? Using the chart below,...
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American Crafts Studio Blog

A daily dose of scrapbooking, cardmaking and mixed media inspiration...

Latest Post: February 20, 2019
Creating with Vicki Boutin's Color Kaleidoscope collection

Post Preview:
Hello, it’s Lucile! I am so excited about today's post! Using Vicki Boutin collections, I created this lovely mixed media layout. I whipped out my mixed media folder and got to work. It was a lot of fun creating this...
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30 Minute Crafts

Crafts and DIY done in 30 minutes or less

Latest Post: February 18, 2019
Queen Whatevra Shirt – The Lego Movie 2

Post Preview:
When my kiddo and I were invited to see the new Lego Movie earlier this month, I fell in love with Queen Whatevra! I won’t give you any spoilers, but I do love how she can transform into whatever she likes! Since she was my favorite, I thought I’d whip up a Queen Whatevra Shirt, […] The post Queen...
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100 Directions

Finding Creativity in Every Direction You Go

Latest Post: February 17, 2019
Mardi Gras Party Ideas

Post Preview:
If you're looking for Mardi Gras Party Ideas, you've come to the right place. Mardi Gras means “Fat Tuesday” which loosely translates to… party it up because tomorrow you have to be good. Eat all the yummy food, dance all night and enjoy a great time with friends. Add in some bright, extra bling...
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Carolee Crafts

Latest Post: February 17, 2019
Handmade Monday No. 114

Post Preview:
Been sewing this week and started off with a Ladies Shirt top, made in pale pink linen with a Designers Guild linen tea towel on the right side. Bought these wood blanks a while back, got the acrylics out, set up the embroidery machine to stitch some lace wings and ended up with  a gathering of...
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Tottie Talks Crafts Blog

Noreen Crone-Findlay talks about the crafts she loves with her...

Latest Post: February 15, 2019
Teneriffe Lace Weave Along- Teneriffe Lace Mask

Post Preview:
Project 2 in the Teneriffe Lace Weave Along is a lace mask: For the Weave Along, you will need to make: Please go to LINK for the links to all the instructions to make the triangles, circles and squares in … Continue reading →
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A girl and a glue gun

Crafts that are fast and easy. glue gun, vinyl, sewing, painting...i...

Latest Post: February 8, 2019
Hand painted waterbottles

Post Preview:
This post may contain affiliate links This fun tutorial comes courtesy of my nephew!! I got a message asking if I could paint sunflowers on a water bottle for a gift for Christmas. I knew that most regular craft paint would come off in water. And as much as I love vinyl-I knew it wouldn’t […] The...
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