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Explore the creative skill and imagination of the artist in these blogs – fine art to street art, you can enjoy the adventure.

Paintings by Abbey Ryan

Latest Post: November 22, 2019
Still Life with Japanese Cup and Italian Plums (+...

Post Preview:
Click to view auction My larger paintings are currently on view in three exhibitions (photos on instagram ): Galleria Mentana, Florence, Italy Salmagundi Club, NYC Mason Fine Art, Atlanta Today's auction painting continues my "Paintings of Handmade Pottery" project that I've been working on since...
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Colossal – An art and design blog

Latest Post: November 22, 2019
Innumerable Hand-Stitched Beads Form Narrative Vodou Flags...

Post Preview:
Beadwork artist Myrlande Constant has spend nearly three decades honing the craft of her intricate flag tableaux. Often spanning six or seven feet, the large-scale flags feature religious, historical, and mythological scenes, surrounded by a beaded “frame” of abstract patterns or symbolic objects....
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Painting my World

Latest Post: November 21, 2019
The Gift of Art....My Thankful Sale with a Twist

Post Preview:
The touch of a loved one. A kiss from a favorite pet. The sight of a beautiful place. There is not much else to compare to the sights, sounds, smells of your happy place. These things soothe the soul. I rank art right up at the top of my list of things that soothe my soul. Making art and looking...
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A Plein Air Painter's Blog

Latest Post: November 21, 2019
Working with a Clear Vision

Post Preview:
Besides being a painter, I'm a writer.  Writing comes easiest to me when I have a clear vision of where the writing will go.  Though the analogy is an old and tired one, it's fitting; a successful trip requires a good map and a definite destination.  When I write a magazine article, such as a...
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The Experiment Station

A blog from The Phillips Collection in Washington D.C.

Latest Post: November 20, 2019
The Phillips Collects: Zoë Charlton

Post Preview:
On October 24, the Phillips unveiled its latest acquisition selected by the Contemporaries Steering Committee: Zoë Charlton’s The Country A Wilderness Unsubdued, 2018. Zoë Charlton (b. 1973, Tallahassee, Florida) is best known for her large-scale drawings of nudes as well as collages that merge...
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Art Instruction For Beginners

Art Instruction Blog - Free art lessons & tips on a variety of...

Latest Post: November 17, 2019
Comment on How to Make Soft Pastels by Hand by Sandy Attree

Post Preview:
I would prefer to make square pastels, do you know if there a re moulds available? Thanks, Sandy
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"transform your corporate culture with art"

Latest Post: November 15, 2019
In Business, Nothing Ever Changes

Post Preview:
  How much does it cost Blue Apron to land a new customer? About $500. How much is an average customer worth? About $400 in … The post In Business, Nothing Ever Changes appeared first on Gapingvoid .
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Thomas Jefferson Kitts | Blog

Latest Post: November 3, 2019
PLEIN AIR SICILY 2020 Workshop: Painting the Intensity of...

Post Preview:
PLEIN AIR SICILY Workshop May 16- 23, 2020 This will be one of my premier workshops for 2020!...  Watch this video to see what your week can be like – painting, eating, drinking and touring like an Italian, and yes, soaking in some sun after a long winter. So come join me and have some fun, and...
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ART21 Magazine

An online space for insightful writing on contemporary art and artists

Latest Post: October 29, 2019
Action Verbs

Post Preview:
Art21 Educator, Marie Elcin, discusses her use of "action verbs" inside of the classroom, inspired by Richard Serra's Verb List (1967-68).
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