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Explore the creative skill and imagination of the artist in these blogs – fine art to street art, you can enjoy the adventure.

Colossal – An art and design blog

Latest Post: May 21, 2018
New Psychedelic Tattoos Splashed with Neon Detail by...

Post Preview:
Wrocław-based tattoo artist Joanna Swirska , aka Dżo ( previously ), produces nature-based tattoos through her own psychedelic lens. In one work a crystal-studded snail inches across ombre leaves, while in another, a ginkgo tree sprouts from the palm of a poised hand. Human forms are often...
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Painting my World

Latest Post: May 20, 2018
Podcasts! Listen and Watch Plein Air with Pastels Tips!

Post Preview:
Quick Plein Air Study 5x7 pastel Catalina Island I never imagined how much I would enjoy making a podcast. I guess I like to talk once you get me started and I love to talk about painting and pastels! I have been experimenting with doing a weekly podcast on my Patreon page. Some topics don't...
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Amy Hillenbrand

San Antonio Artist - Fine Art Oil Paintings-Florals-Pet...

Latest Post: May 20, 2018
Royal Value

Post Preview:
I’ve been creating these energy paintings for the last two years or so and I have come to know that it is important for me to deeply feel them and allow the healing to heal me first. Makes sense right? I really didn’t know that that would be how it would work when I started... View the Post
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A Plein Air Painter's Blog

Latest Post: May 20, 2018
Packing for Scotland

Post Preview:
Ready to Plant 5x8 Gouache by Michael Chesley Johnson Practice painting for the Scotland trip The kit, as listed below. I've also included a few extra clips--you never know when you'll need them--and a cream cheese container for water with a strong button magnet to keep it in place. By yon bonnie...
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Paintings by Abbey Ryan

Latest Post: May 18, 2018
meloi beach no. 1, patmos, greece (the light / the shade)

Post Preview:
meloi beach no. 1, patmos, greece (the light / the shade) oil on linen on panel, 2017, 5"x6" the light / the shade exhibition at Arcadia If you enjoy this painting, you may like to read more about abbey ryan: the light / the shade , my exhibition in the Harrison Gallery at Arcadia University on...
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"transform your corporate culture with art"

Latest Post: May 15, 2018
great ideas have lonely childhoods

Post Preview:
It’s pretty safe to say, that when you finally come up with your million-dollar idea, nobody is going to understand it at first. They many … The post great ideas have lonely childhoods appeared first on Gapingvoid .
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